Energy Services

Delivered right to your farm or residence, FCA will fulfill your energy needs with Cenex brand fuels.

Services Include:

  • Fuel
  • On-site delivery
  • LP for homes, livestock facilities, and grain dryers
  • LP tank leasing
  • Bulk oil and grease
  • Cardtrols open 24/7 in Kiester, MN and Forest City, IA

FCA Fuel Options and Pricing

Farm Gas NA$1.93
Premium Diesel$1.89NA
Premium Diesel B-5 $1.93$1.93
Roadmaster $2.42NA
Roadmaster B-5$2.46$2.46
Fuel Oil #2$1.89$1.89

Volume Discount

QuantityDiscount ($/gal)
400-800 Gallons$0.01
800-1200 Gallons$0.02
1200 Gal or More$0.03



Fall 2017Prepaid ($/gal)Book ($/gal)
Propane $1.09 $1.13
FALL 2017

B-5 $1.99 $2.03


Quick Contact

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