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Don’t let your tank go dry – there are fees for servicing an empty tank as well as for weekend service.


For over 100 years, Farmers Coop Association has been serving farmers with quality products and even better service. When those farmers gathered at the Winnebago County Courthouse in 1916 to establish Farmers Elevator Company, their vision didn’t include being in business over 100 years later yet that is the result of their action. They focused on the benefits of cooperatives – group purchasing and sales for the betterment of all members, with savings shared among those owners.

Numbers tell part of the story of this cooperative’s success. Sales after 25 years in business totaled $90,588. After 50 years, sales totaled $3,399,000. After 75 years, sales totaled $7,320,746. And after 100 years, we project sales will total $52,000,000.

This growth comes from the loyalty of the member-owners of Farmers Cooperative Association. Though built to serve the agriculture community, we have grown to serve all in the communities where we’re located. In 1991, coming out of the farming crises of the 1980s, it was a time of austerity at Farmers Coop Association. Growth was sidelined as survival mode continued during this period of economic recovery. With patience, good management provided by the Board of Directors and staff, along with some of the most prosperous times agriculture has seen in the early 2010s, Farmers Coop Association is on solid financial ground with admirable growth happening.

We have operations in Forest City, Leland, and Buffalo Center, Iowa, as well as Kiester, Minnesota. The team at Farmers Coop Association looks forward to serving you!

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Our Locations

Buffalo Center

6401 Highway 9

Phone: 641-561-2800

Fax: 641-561-2216

Forest City

406 East K Street

Phone: 641-585-2814
or 800-483-6832

Fax: 641-585-2052


100 West Front Street

Phone: 507-294-3697
or 877-294-3697

Fax: 507-294-3540

Agronomy: 507-294-3427

Leland Grain

222 West Broadway

Phone: 641-567-3010

Fax: 641-567-3012

Leland Feed Mill

609 B Street

Phone: 641-567-3341
or 888-676-7439

Fax: 641-567-3380


"I enjoy working with Farmers Coop Association because they give you that small, hometown feel but can readily service any size operation."
"Farmers Coop Association is excellent to work with which is why we keep coming back. The quality of service we receive is top notch!"

Farmers Coop Association

406 E K St. Forest City, IA 50436 · PHONE 641-585-2814

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